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Press Conference: A Great Way to Announce your Event

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Get your event off to a great start by making your opening statement with a press conference. Remember…it’s all about information!  The more people know about the event being produced the more they will learn about the company producing it.

Here are a few tips to include while planning a press conference.

Participation/Speakers – Inform your audience by using a variety of speakers. This will give the event a great source of personality and credibility.  

Invitations – It is important to invite the right people. Be strategic with your list and include friends, VIPs and media. If it’s a public event include your company contact for people to inquire about more information.

Location – Get your audience excited about attending your press conference! Select a venue that is functional, yet interesting. Wherever you choose be sure to remember signage, backdrops or other branding materials to reinforce your message.

Media – Social media is one of the easiest forms of marketing available. Be sure to create a Facebook page and twitter account for your event and post information about the press conference. Remember to invite all local media (newspaper, radio, bloggers and tv) to your press conference.

Agenda – The best press conferences are short and sweet.  Build an agenda to include opening remarks, core presentation, and guest Q & A time. But remember, 15-20 minutes is all it takes!

Questions – The point of press conferences is to give information about an event, but still leave room for questions. If you leave some details unanswered it will engage people more to ask follow up questions.

Interviews – Arrange for one on one interviews with media. It will give you great exposure and allow you to go into detail about the topics you are most passionate about and what attendees can expect at the event.

Capture the moment – Get people talking! Think of creative and out of the box ways to showcase and get publicity at the press conference.  The more you capture the audience before the event takes place the better response you will have.

Take Pictures – Before the event post pictures on social media of the set up for the press conference – get people excited about what is to come.

During the event take pictures of key dignitaries, sponsors or attendees; be sure to position yourself with the individuals who were a big part of your success.

Follow up – After the event, be sure to post photos on social media.  The event is to gain trust… your follow up is to keep it.

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