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Branding Your Event

2016 Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards Tampa Bay

If you’re having an event you are more than likely having it for a reason.  Whether that is to increase membership, thank existing clients or raise money, no matter what your event should  promote and create brand awareness.  A few tricks of the trade to consider before planning your next event.

Fresh Graphics – Imagery is one of the first things attendees will see upon arriving at your event. Make an impact with some amazing graphics that showcase your brand.

Brand Message – What is your brand’s message? What do you want attendees to leave with after attending your event? These are the questions you should ask yourself prior to planning your event. It is key to develop a ‘brand identity’ and implement that identity in your message.

Website – Creating a fun and interactive website specifically for your event allows attendees to see updates, view photos and learn more about your brand and the message. It should engage attendees before attending the event and get people talking.

Marketing Collateral That Speaks – Aside from the ever so popular Facebook and Twitter, promote your event through marketing collateral that speaks to your guests. From the invitation to the ‘thank you for coming’ everything should be branded in a consistent manner to showcase your brand’s sense of style and promote awareness of your identity.

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