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Organizing events can be very demanding and costly in both time and money. Eventrics offers a wide range of creative and event management services, delivered on time and on budget. Allow Eventrics to take the strain, leaving you more time on your hands.


Eventrics excels at providing event management services to corporations, non-profits, and individuals. We work seamlessly with our clients to develop unique event concepts and execute events that successfully implement our client’s goals.

We are experienced and recognized leaders in event management and are committed to the positive outcome of every event. We are confident that we will deliver special events that are branded to the highest standards and always work to surpass our client’s expectations.

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Event Design

• Concept Development

• Creative Development


Event Production

• Budget Management

• Event Collateral

• Master Plan/Layout

• Branding

• Sponsorship Management


Event Planning

• Permitting

• Print/Product Design & Development

• Site/Venue Selection & Contract Negotiation

• Speaker & Program Coordination

• Travel & Transportation


Event Sourcing

• Audio-Visual, Lighting, Staging

• Catering

• Decor

• Entertainment

• Photography/Videography

• Vendors


Event Logistics

• Event Flow

• Load In/Load Out Schedules

• On-Site Management

• Registration Management

• Timelines

To see some examples of our past work, browse our portfolio.

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